Partners/ Suppliers/ Manufacturers

AtechBCN is the result of the experience it has accumulated thanks to the activity carried out over 35 years by an executive, technical and commercial team that is a leader in the sector of equipment for window cleaning and light maintenance and BMUs.

ATECH is found in more than 40 countries all over the world, ATECH takes a determined stance for a European machinery manufacturer industrial company model, with the ability to design, manufacture and supply large, highly complex permanent equipment (BMU) in any country of the world.

FALLPROTEC S.A. Luxembourg was founded in 2004. Specialist in Height Safety Products and Safe Access Solutions with more than 25 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing of Fall arrest system such as, Secure Rope, Secure Rail, Safe Ladder, Anchor points, Skywalk, Safe Access, Rope Climber   ...etc.

The complete range of products from FallProtec S.A. is manufactured in accordance with European and US standards, and all products have certifications issued by independent notified bodies.

SKY CLIMBER® (LNX) is the industry leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing suspended access equipment such as quality hoists, rigging solutions, and modular work platforms, monorail system, Davits Arm System, for over 50 years.
CMC AERIAL PLATFORM With a superior quality product and value, CMC quickly became a world leading aerial lift manufacturer of both truck mounted and self-propelled units.

Today CMC is a world leader in aerial lift technology, it has a wide rang of aerial work platform such as crawlers, truck mounted and special machines in many customisable versions, providing solutions for all lifting demands.


“Palazzani is a company with an history of over 70 years, specialising in Earth Moving Machines and Aerial Platforms project engineering and manufacturing. A totally Italian Company, which has been able to confirm its position and to expand its business in a global and internationally competitive market.
Our customers are skilled people who recognise and expect quality, especially when it is the result of choices matching technology and passion. They continue to demand the highest quality which meets or exceeds their expectations. They communicate directly with the people at Palazzani who continue to create, innovate and produce the exceptional machines.".