Monorail System

Powered Platform

The Sky Climber SCE-1E is an electrical trolley designed for horizontal movement on monorail tracks. The SCE-1E trolley is used as carrier for Sky Climber suspended platforms, allowing these to travel sideways under the SCE Monorail 134 track.The system can be used with a traditional 2 hoist swing stage by incorporating 2 trolley systems on a monorail or a single work cage with one trolley system.

  • Complete access solution for interior and exterior applications
  • Inside and Outside corners available
  • Powered or Manual trolleys move smoothly along the horizontal length of the track
  • Tracks supported by mounting brackets either from directly above, or from the side

Specifications- Monorail- Electric Trolley II - CopyViethin Bank- Hanoi_11 - Copy_resize

  • Power 400V (3 ph)
  • Length x Width x Depth (mm) 16.5” x 14” x 10.5”
  • Electric Motor 0.37 kW-rpm1350/53
  • Gearbox 1:56
  • Working Load Limit 880 LBS
  • Self-Weight 53 LBS
    Wire Rope 5/16”
  • Horizontal Speed Trolley
  • Max. 29.5 feet/min
  • Safety against falling of track
  • Maintenance
  • Only use Sky Climber original parts
  • End stops on track
  • Fall protection studs
  • Annual maintenance

Monorail- Electric Trolley - CopySpecifications- Monorail Track - Copy